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I completely forgot that I have a lot of self tape auditions I have to make. I will spend the whole day tomorrow to make them one by one. I don’t really get nervous auditioning. I did in the beginning. But after some time, I’m getting used to it. I like auditioning or casting. It tests my ability to act, to show people what I’m able to, what skills I have as an actor, am I the right one they are looking for?, I get to know myself how nervous I am and learn to cope or get rid with it, and many more. So, even though I don’t get the role or get selected, but I learn something each time. I also become more confident. I see auditions as a good start and a good exercise. They don’t invite everyone for audition. So, when I get invited I get so happy, that I get a chance to show them my acting skills and try the best I can. It’s an opportunity I don’t want to miss. They will choose me or not that’s another thing.

I love acting. And that’s why when I have time, and no one invites me for audition, I will write a monologue for myself and act or just improvise and upload the video to youtube. I do that once in a while. I don’t do that very often now since I’m busy with my screenplay. But I think, I will try to do it more often. Maybe at least once a week.

Tomorrow, I have to go out and do some shopping again. I’m soon running out of food. I did a lot of shopping before the weather got bad. I think, maybe about two weeks ago. I shopped like there’s going to be war. I did a lot of shopping, not because I knew the weather’s going to be this bad, but because I knew I’m going to spend lots of time indoor working on my script if I don’t work on film sets. I didn’t want to interrupt myself by going out to do some shopping all the time. So storing lots of food for as long as possible is a sensible thing to do, so that I can focus on my script 100%. Then the bad weather came. Then, there’s another good reason for me to stock lots of food.

Good night and enjoy the music from Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You:

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