Game of Thrones Style Fighting Techniques

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Today video is a Game of Thrones style fighting scene. I miss my martial arts classes when I see this clip. I haven’t attended them for a while now. I was used to attending them every Sunday, but then funny enough I have to be on sets almost on Sundays. So, I stopped going there for a long period of time, then started again once, then stopped again for a while, and it would continue like this. So, I took a break from it all together. It’s very difficult to begin again after you have stopped it for a long period of time too often. I like exercising, though. But the real reason why I stopped attending martial arts classes is because I want to finish my screenplay as soon as possible. The only time I have to write my script is when I’m not on sets. So, I need to utilize the time that I’m not on sets to complete my screenplay as much as I can. Becoming a screenwriter is my dream career as well. If I did lots of things I could slow down my writing process a lot. And it could take me years to finalize it. So, I have to sacrifice my health in order to finish my first screenplay as fast as I can. After that, I can start going to martial arts classes again. But becoming a screenwriter is my first priority, so I have to focus on that first. The rest can wait.

The video above is a fighting techniques similar to Game of Thrones style, which I learned from my martial arts class. I forgot to record it while I was doing the fight scenes at the class, which looked quite good and authentic. My tutor even asked me if I had attended a class like this before because it seemed like I have done it before. I just said yes, but from my school when I was young. I did have a stage combat class at the school in Thailand when I went to junior or just high school. I don’t quite remember. I don’t know about other junior high schools in other countries do have a stage combat class like in Thailand. Anyway, I loved it. But since then, I haven’t attended any martial arts class or stage combat class anywhere, until now. But because I like stage combat. So, no matter how long time ago I have learned it, but as soon as I start again it will show how passionate I am with fighting techniques. All the things I have learned ages ago will begin to manifest. 

Many students did film it to use as their showreels. I don’t know why I forgot. Now, I have to do it alone, no one to fight with, to make it look real. Never mind, I will try to remember to record it during the class next time. I am glad I attended the workshop. It’s my second week. I have learned new skills which will be useful for my acting career more or less, and plus I get to exercise to be in good shape. So, the martial arts classes do benefit me in many levels – personally and professionally.

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