Snow is Coming

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Snow starts falling in UK. And it’s cold like in Alaska. I have never been there. But, I think, it must be very cold. I was used to hating snow when I was in Denmark. Seeing too much snow almost every single year made me sick of it. And when it’s snowing it meant, I had to bicycle on top of thick snow layer on the street when I had to go somewhere. Because, most people in Denmark prefer using bikes than cars or public transport to protect the air and climate which is an excellent idea. I wish, all countries did the same. But snow gave me a hard time when I had to go somewhere. In the end, I got used to it. I biked a lot when I was in Denmark. The clean air and the daily exercise made me feel incredibly healthy. 

Now, since I moved to England I don’t see snow that often, so whenever I see snow in UK it feels like I see it for the very first time. I will run to the windows and observe its every move. The soft, feather like particles falling slowly from the sky have turned the scene outside into a romantic setting. It’s so inspiring. It makes me want to write a romantic novel or something. But, I don’t think I’m into writing romantic stuff that much. I think, I’m more into drama, action, suspense, thriller, and horror. 

The snow doesn’t fall that much now. This week, according to the weather forecast, will be even colder than the previous weeks. I have to be careful when I go out. Getting sick is the last think I want to happen to me. So, I have to avoid it at all costs.

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