Strawberry For Breakfast

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I’m having strawberry for breakfast today with tea and juice. I just have it like that. It sounds and looks so healthy. I’m tired of real food. I feel like having something light instead. I love fruits and vegetables. I think, I eat more fruits and vegetables than meat. Sometimes, I like going to a market nearby and buy lots of fruits and vegetables to store in my fridge. Then I use them up quickly before they get bad. When I have used them up I take another tour to the market again. I don’t like buying frozen fruits and vegetables. They don’t taste and feel fresh. I wish I had a small garden, so that I could plant everything myself. Then whenever I need fresh produce for my cooking I can just go grab it in my garden. Raw, natural material makes food taste delicious without much seasoning. I do lots of stir-fried dishes which I just stir-fry it quickly, so that all the ingredients just stay as crisp as possible. And just a little bit of seasoning to enhance the flavor. You would be surprised how Thai Fried Rice can be made using just salt & sugar to enhance the flavor – no need of soy sauce, fish sauce, etc. And it tastes equally delicious, or even better than when you use soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and similar.


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