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I love fashion and jewelry. I made and sold jewellery before. But, it’s very difficult when I’m also working in film & TV and have to be on sets quite often. I also want to be a screenwriter. So, when I’m not on a film set I write. Therefore, I didn’t really have time to market my business and make jewels. So I stopped my jewelry business. I only make them for my own use. Before, I also bought fashion clothes very often. I go everywhere in London – hip & cool places, looking for unique items. Even though, I don’t buy anything, but it’s a joy anyway walking around and discovering new, exciting places and looks. London is a perfect place for style enthusiasts. I think, I’m in the right place then. I start slowing down a little bit. So now, I only buy new clothes maybe once a month, and just 1 piece of clothing – no more. When I’m rich I can buy lots of clothes….haha….Anyway, I have lots of clothes in my wardrobe that I only wear them once or twice only. I love fashion so much, so that I bought my own sewing machine, to sew my own clothes. I don’t have time to sew that much either, so I got rid of it. Same with television. I don’t really have time to watch TV since I spend all my free time to write. So, I got rid of it as well. I feel so free. My studio has more space now and it’s fairly spartan. That’s what I prefer. But I think, my place needs to look more cozy than this. I don’t really decorate my place with stuff. Maybe I should start doing it.

Making and wearing my own jewelry.

Silver sandals

I only were these shoes once. But the bag, I use it a lot. I think, I have it for 3-4 years now. And I still love it.

vintage fashion

I like going to antique markets once in a while, looking for hip & cool stuff.

actress buppha

I love summer and sunglasses.


Having lunch on set.


One of my favorite places is Camden Market. I think, I go there every summer.

Camden Market.

Wearing my own jewellery.

More jewels.

brick lane

I love going to Brick Lane Market as well.

cool shoreditch

Very cool place. I think, it’s in Shoreditch.

brown women boots

I think, I have these boots for 5 years or more now.

Now I’m wearing them.
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