Instant Risk in Cartoon Version

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I love drawing. So I, initially, wanted to make Instant Risk as a cartoon. But then, it took me too long to draw each scene and each character’s movements, so I decided to make it as a normal film instead using real actors. I managed to draw the opening scene, two characters as you see in the video above, and that’s it. It could turn out good if I continued with it. Who knows. I’ll keep that in mind for my next projects. And making animated film is not that easy as many might think. I think, personally, it’s more difficult than making movies with actual artistes. Each scene and character has to be drawn to a tiny detail. Well, maybe not. It depends. Anyway, it’s not just the sketches, after the figures are being shaped then the movement techniques, the sound, the voice over, and many more which requires lots and lots of time to produce.

But, the easiest thing about it that it can be made single-handedly, which is good if you don’t have that much money to make film – to hire actors, film crew, equipment, film locations, and so on. But patience is key in making cartoon. So, even if you can get away with it by producing it on your own, but then you have to be very patient to make it. And I just wanted to create something quickly, so I just skipped the animation movie idea and made film with tangible performers instead.

The scene as you see in the video above is the opening scene of my short, Instant Risk, in which the heroine, Birgit (Buppha Witt), is being followed by the attacker on her way home. You can view the trailer here.

Easy drawing of Pokemon cartoon.

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