Still Working On My Screenplay

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I’m working on my screenplay again right now. I enjoy it a lot. You can always feel how passionate you are with the thing you do. I write the script every day. And there’s not a single moment I doubt myself: I can’t do this, I have never written a screenplay before, this is very difficult, I think I should find something else to do instead, and so on. No. I still feel so passionate and determined to complete it. My ambition for the project is still the same from day one till now. That’s a true feeling when you love what you do. I think, the place I live, surely, is an ideal place to live for a writer like me. It’s so peaceful and calm. It really helps me concentrate on my writing without a lot of distraction. it would slow me down to a certain degree if I lived somewhere hectic with lots of noises. I’m certain about that. And there’s a park nearby for me to take a nice walk, get some exercise and fresh air. I can also walk to Wimbledon Village to have a good cup of coffee at some of the cozy coffee shops there.

But even though, I live close to Wimbledon Village, I don’t really go there. I don’t know why. I like to go somewhere lively and laid-back instead, such as Camden, Shoreditch. I even consider moving to one of the places. But no hurry. I am good where I am now anyway. But, I’ll keep them in mind when I’m ready to move.

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