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I woke up at 3:30 am this morning to, effectively, work on my screenplay. I wrote and wrote. I have a feeling, I will finish my script TODAY, or tomorrow the latest. I soon reach my goal. I can now look forward to relaxing, finally. Maybe not quite. When I finish my screenplay there are other steps I do have to do, afterwards. This is just the beginning. After I have published this blog post, I will continue to work on my screenplay right away. This is exciting! My first feature screenplay will soon be finalized today or tomorrow and that I can look forward to being proud of myself, which is an amazing feeling I am waiting for to experience. I think, I will do something to celebrate. And I have to remember to give myself a gift when my script is done, too. Then, I will make new short film again. After I finish shooting each short film, I write a feature screenplay for it. And I’m not sure about my next short, whether or not I will shoot the film myself again or find film crew to collaborate with this time? I don’t want to think about that now. I have to focus on finishing my script first. Just one thing at a time.

The days that I’m not on set filming, I write my screenplay. When I’m on set I stop writing, and when I’m not I continue to work on my script. So I don’t, actually, have a day off when I look at it this way. But, after I have finished my first screenplay and have established myself as a working writer, I will take a break from everything and go on vacation. I haven’t been on vacation for a very long time. So, I really have to very soon. This will be a motivation for me to complete my screenplay ASAP, so that I can take a break.


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