Mental Health Issues

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What a coincidence that I just talked about mental health issues in my recent blog post on Thursday 15th, I Love Summer, and then the school shooting incident in Florida which ties to mental health issues as one of the causes did happen simultaneously. And, I was wrong that I think the weather has a huge impact on people’s mental health. Florida is nice & warm, but a horrifying crime like this did happen anyway. What’s wrong with the world today. What makes people tick? I feel so sad for those families who’d lost their kids and loved ones in this madness. I think, people have to start taking mental health issues seriously. The people who suffer it will likely harm or kill others and/or themselves. We have seen lots of examples, even celebs. I just don’t want to mention the names of those who committed suicide because of the mental health issues, depression, and similar, for the sake of respect. I don’t want to talk about mental health issues and gun laws into details in USA either. It’s up to the US’ president to handle which problem is the most important to address first in his country at this very moment: Mental health issues or gun controls – or both? 

I’m still working on my screenplay. But I will take a break now. Maybe watch a good film, eat ice cream, to re-charge my energy. Sometimes, when you work on something constantly you go blank. You can’t come up with something new & unique. You need to let it be and go away from it for a while. And when you come back and work on it again, you tend to have more excellent ideas to juggle with. OK, I think, I will find a good film to watch now. 

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