I Love Summer

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Today is such a wonderful day. It’s so sunny. It makes me dream of all the things I could do in summertime. I think, the weather has a huge impact on people’s mental health. I don’t mean if you live in a cold country where the weather is always dull and miserable, then you’re inclined to be just like the weather. I just mean, summer gives us a new energy. And that’s why going on vacation to exotic countries where the sun always shines and visiting tropical places such as islands, beaches can really re-charge our energies and make us see the world in a whole new, positive way. That life is worth living. Paradise on earth does exist. This is just my own, personal experience and opinion. Of course, there are many ways to be happy. I just feel in extremely good mood whenever the sun shines. 

After this blog post, I will go out an d do some shopping. I’m running out of Asian food again. I need to buy more rice, noodles, Asian vegetables, soy sauce, fish sauce, tofu, etc. I can’t live without Asian food. I have to eat it almost daily. No matter how many decades I have been living in Europe, I will always have Asian food as my main meal. I think, it’s because I grew up with it. So, it’s in my blood and soul. Or, I just like the taste of it. Or, because I think it’s healthy. Or, all of the above.

I will get myself ready to go out now. 

Have a nice day!


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