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I have been working on my film script all day. Time to relax and do something else. I will make dinner first. Then I will watch some good films. Then, maybe read something as well. Even though, I make action/drama film, Instant Risk, but the movies that I choose to see when I want to take time out are mostly comedy. I just need some laugh and nothing too serious to digest. Maybe, I should consider making comedy films instead. Well, I might. I have seen lots of comedy movies, so I think I have got enough inspiration to make one myself….one day.

What should I have for dinner, pizza again or Thai food? I think, I fancy Thai food tonight. I love Thai food. I have it almost every day. I only eat pizza when I don’t want to cook. Whenever I have time, I make Thai food. Last week, I had been eating other foods on set that were not Thai almost every day. Today, since I have time to cook good food for myself, I’ll pamper myself with a tasty Thai meal. I did do a lot of shopping yesterday because I will be home and work on my screenplay non-stop, so I needed to store some food to be sure I have enough food for as many days as possible. I don’t want to stop what I’m doing and go out, spend time walking around in the supermarket, and come back home again. Then, it can be difficult to continue again after the interruption.

Thinking about Thai food, I will start preparing my dinner now. Then I will find a good, funny film to watch. Maybe, I’d watch a movie that goes along well with Thai food. Perhaps, The Beach?

Pad Thai

I love Pad Thai. I cook it quite often.

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