The Big Sick a Movie Worth Watching

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I would recommend everyone to watch this movie, The Big Sick. Finally, a film that is so meaningful without spending a lot of money to make, no expensive special effects, without lots of unreal action scenes like many American movies, and it’s written by non-American writer,┬áKumail Nanjiani, with the help of his wife, Emily V. Gordon, of course. The story is so fresh, engaging, and honest. Not so many filmmakers make a movie like this. This is a sign of good beginning of quality films to be made in the future. It’s truly an inspiring, unforgettable, and moving film that needs to be seen! It’s a very bold move to make movie like this. Many people are afraid of making movies that touch the subjects of racism and discrimination because it can be very sensitive. Since “The Color Purple” and “12 Years a Slave” I have not seen a film similar to them, but they’re quite emotional and very tough to watch. The Big Sick makes it fun and hilarious to watch, but still touching and makes us open our eyes to face social issues/culture clash that many pretend they’re not there. And how many foreigners are being made victims by being generalized and treated unfairly just because of their looks, especially people from Asia. The Big Sick addresses this problem in a good, fun way. No wonder, it won many awards. It’s definitely a film worth watching for everyone.

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