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I don’t blog that often as I was used to. Because, when I’m out and filming they don’t really allow me to use my phone on set which is very understandable. Also, if they saw me pull out my phone during the shoot they would think I try to take photos of the film set, actors, and even the film crew…..haha….And most of the time, my call time is quite early, and then there will be a long day filming. The time that I have a chance to use my phone again is when I have lunch break. But then, I have to eat quickly before we start filming again. There’s no time to waste on the film set. So, I can’t really blog. Then, I just blog when I’m home again. But, I love blogging. I try to blog more often. It’s my diary. I like to keep a journal of my life, what I’m doing at this moment in time, how I change or improve, what happens in my life today, tomorrow, this month, year, decade, etc. It’s just a reminder of mistakes I’ve made, accomplishments I’m proud of, wonderful moments I want to remember, and so on. It’s also a great way to better my writing skill and increase my creativity. And by blogging regularly, I become aware of my own mistakes and successes. All in all, I just love writing and expressing myself through words.

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