Pizza For Lunch

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I’m gonna take a break now and have some pizza for lunch. Pizza is always handy. It’s a quick meal when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen just to prepare your lunch. I always store boxes of pizza in my freezer, so I always have a quick, yummy meal to eat without all the hassles. I will not go anywhere this weekend, until my script is done. I really hope, I can finish it this weekend. Maybe, I will have to drink lots of coffee tonight to keep myself awake. One of the good things is that I don’t watch TV no more, I got rid of my telly already, so I have lots of extra time to do my work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to be free from television once and for all. It feels so good & free. Now after the pizza, I’ll continue to work on my screenplay right away. Nothing happens much in my life at the moment. If I’m not on set filming, then I’m home and working on my film script constantly. But, once I finish the script I will have more freedom to do what I want. But my job has to come first. It’s where I make my income. And writing screenplays is my job as well. I really want to be a screenwriter, so I have to regard it as a job that needs to be fulfilled.

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