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I will attempt to finish a feature-length screenplay of my short film, Instant Risk, this weekend. It sounds like an impossible mission. But, I will just give it a go anyway. It’s just an extension of the script of the short film that I have already written. So, I may not have to spend that much time to complete it. I really want to finish it this weekend. But if not, then it’s fine. Writing a script is not easy. There’s a lot of researches, planning, re-writing, re-reading, and so on. But, it’s fun for people who love writing like me. Every page of the script I write I try to make it as entertaining to read as possible. If I find it boring to read it myself, then I will re-write it again and again. And I have about 120 pages to execute this weekend. Each page of the screenplay equals one minute of screen time. I didn’t think about this rule that much when I wrote my short film screenplay, Instant Risk. But when I finished the script it turned out, I wrote about 6-7 pages. And my short film is actually also 6-7 minutes long. The rest is just a rolling credit and music, and that’s why it’s about 10 minutes long all together. So now, it’s a feature film I want to write my screenplay for, then it must be about 110-120 pages. But, it could be 90 pages. It depends on the genre, really.

Now, I will continue to write my script. I feel more creative at night now to write. I will spend most of my evening writing and see how many pages I have accomplished. And I have enough food in my fridge since I will go nowhere this weekend. I will just write and write, until my script is done.

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