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What is Instant Risk Really About?

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Today, I will explain what my film, Instant Risk, really is about. On the surface, it may seem like a normal action/drama/romance film, but it has a good message. I don’t just make film. I want to create something that is meaningful. My film, Instant Risk, has a theme that is very current. Therefore, I think, this is the perfect time to get this idea across. I am passionate about my art/work. I conceived and developed Instant Risk by a very careful thought. I try to add meaning in everything I do. So this film, even though it’s a short film only about 10 minutes and it’s my first short, but I have spent time thinking about how I will make it, how I will send the message across, how I will put everything together so it makes sense, and so on.

So Instant Risk is a remarkable, suspenseful story about “Taking Control” and “Women vs. Men.” It’s set in London at present time. The film’s shot on location in Wimbledon. The main characters are Birgit Reenberg, Gerwyn Belcher, and Tolberg Clay. It’s an action / mystery / thriller / drama / love-story. The story illustrates a modern society in which women begin to take control and to speak up for themselves. It shows, the world has come to a change for the better. Women start fighting against sexual harassment, abuse, inequality, unfair treatment, etc. Thus, there’s no better time to make this film than now, to celebrate and support the ongoing change women are working on. And as a woman, and especially I’m originally from Thailand I do have to face discrimination and racism on top of that as well, therefore I feel the need to tell a story about it, and what women have to experience on a daily basis at work, at home, and in public, to make people aware of the issues and that this has to change.

As an example, one interesting subtext of this film is male chauvinism. The protagonist’s boyfriend verbally and physically abuses her. Then her love interest who seems nice and kind to her is also a male chauvinist by patronizing her, as we see toward the end of the film he tells her that he wants to protect and give her the life that she deserves. If you have or have not watched the film yet please do watch the film below again, to see for yourself what I mean:

Instant Risk (2018) | Action/Romance Short from Buppha Wittaya-Amponpunt on Vimeo.

The ending is different than the one that I already have uploaded. I just wanted to upload a new version of the ending to see which one is better. What do you think? If you have not watched the previous video yet please watch it here to see the difference.

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