A Film With No Crew

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I have finally finished shooting my short film, Instant Risk. A film with no crew since I’m the only film crew behind the scenes. And then the actors. But they have nothing to do with the technical side of it but me. It has been such a great experience. I play the lead role, direct, shoot, edit the film, and many more. I have therefore learned a lot in filmmaking. It’s very challenging at first when I think about I have to do all that by myself. How am I going to direct the actors, play the lead actress, and be behind the camera all at once? But, after I have gone through all that, it wasn’t that difficult at all. Everything went the way I wanted it to be. It’s my first attempt in filmmaking, after all. So, I don’t worry that much how it will turn out. It was fun directing the actors. I like it. Now I understand why many film directors are so passionate about their jobs. It’s very rewarding, but very tough as well. And I like the fact that I wrote the screenplay myself, so I just direct, shoot, and edit it the way I have visualized it in my script. 

Now the next process is to put everything together, to create a finished movie. And that’s an another long, creative procedure again. It takes time if I want the result to be as cinematic as possible. This can be a very crucial part in filmmaking, too. Film is a visual media. So, I have to keep that in mind when I edit it. This can be exciting!

Well, that’s it for now. I will get up early tomorrow to start editing it.

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