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I will go out again today, searching for the right filming locations still. Even though it’s just a 10-minute long film, I just want to create a unique film experience. I can’t reveal too much. I just know, it’s going to be an exciting film in many ways. At least, in my opinion. It’s my first film, so I want to play with possibility as much as I can. London is a big capital and has many hidden, beautiful places which I have yet to discover. I am sure to find some interesting settings for my short film. I have not had breakfast, yet. I am so¬†enthusiastic about my film making project that as soon as I wake up, I start working on it straight away daily. Until I get very hungry, I stop to eat. My film could be screened in time for Christmas, which would be good. Now, I will have my breakfast. Then I’m on my way!

Me & The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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