Shooting Scenes For my Short Films

Almond stone necklace

Some scenes for my short films have already been shot today. What an accomplishment! I’m gonna make 2 short films simultaneously. I have only filmed some parts for one of them. I wanted to shoot some segments for another film as well today. But then, the time was getting late. I wanted to shoot a morning scene for another film. So, I have to shoot it another day instead. But, I have at least shot some sequences of one of the films. So, I have gotten something done today anyway. And that’s a good thing. I am making progress now.

I have even made some necklaces as well, to sell on my website, this blog, which will be available on my site soon. So, I have achieved lots of things today. It’s been a good day, indeed.

Tomorrow, I will work on set again. I have already packed, taken shower, checked time travel, set my alarm clock on, and so on. I am so ready. I like packing in advance. So, I am sure that I have plenty of time to pack, and that I have everything I need with me. If I began to pack in a hurry because I had not much time to pack such as just before heading out, getting up late I would forget something. That’s for sure. It did happen before. I have now learned, being well-prepared is the key in any job, to avoid mistakes as much as I can.


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