Christmas in London


I just got home. The Christmas lights are all over London now. They look magical and imaginative. So many people were in town today, looking for presents for their loved ones, families, friends, and themselves. People were in high spirits. I wish people’re like this every day.

I have already finished my script. Actually, I have completed it a long time ago. But, I wasn’t sure about I want to use it. I have written many short stories, in fact. But, I didn’t think they are good enough to make short films out of it. Then, after I read this inspirational quote it dawned on me that I was wrong all along. I have wasted my time for several months waiting to create the perfect story. And therefore, I have not made my own films yet. And I could continue to wait, perhaps, for months or even years to come if I hadn’t discovered this quote. Sometimes, a quote, word, things you see, imagination, dreams, and so on, can really inspire you and make you create incredible art out of the blue.

I will polish the story I’m going to use tonight or tomorrow. Then I will start shooting some scenes already tomorrow. I feel so happy now. My short film could be finalized as soon as next week!

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