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I changed the design of my website again. Because, I’m going to move my shop, Bohoforest, to here instead. Everything will be in one place from now on: My blog & my shop. So, my blog needs to reflect the fashion theme as well. I will also write more about fashion and jewelry in the future. So, this new style will look better for fashion blog, I think. The reason why I decided to move my shop to here is because I can’t make lots of jewelry constantly since I also have filming & writing jobs to do. And having an eCommerce site, you need to keep adding new products. It consumes so much of my time. I have to keep making new products, sending newsletters, updating social media profiles, and many many more. And that’s why I can never finish making my short film. It really gets in the way. I realize that now. So, if I sell my products on my blog instead as a hobby then I don’t have to spend so much time on it. I want to devote more time to film industry instead. So, I have to get rid of the things that slow down my creativity. I will start adding my products to my blog bit by bit from tomorrow. Then I have to start shooting my own film as well. I want to complete my short film as soon as possible. So, doing away with my other eCommerce site should help me finish my film faster now.

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