Noodle Soup For Dinner

I’m having noodle soup for dinner. It’s the quickest dish I like to make. And it’s tasty, too. I eat like once a day. I don’t eat that much. So, this is the only thing I eat for the whole day. I just had one cup of coffee this morning. And that’s it. But, I love cooking. Sometimes, I just spend lots of time walking around the market or supermarket finding quality ingredients for my cooking, and then spend a great amount of time again preparing. Then I only eat a little. I just love cooing. I just like making good food for myself, using fresh ingredients and produce. For me, it’s just the process in itself from start to finish is a true enjoyment. Then I don’t care how much I eat. I can always save for later or next day, or next day again. Some dishes take a while to make, some don’t. Like this noodle soup, it only took me about 10 minutes to prepare. That’s why I always store a variation of noodle, so that I can always make a quick & delicious dish out of it. Now, it’s time for dessert which is just corn. I like having fresh fruit as dessert, most of the time. It’s the healthiest sweet you can get.

Asian dish
Quick & delicious noodle soup.
sweet corn
Fruit for dessert – healthy eating.

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