Go Send The Packages Again

bohemian bracelets

I had some orders coming in last night. So, I have to go out and send the packages to my customers again today. Most of the orders are the things that are handmade, which I make them myself, except the rings, such as bracelets, chokers.

I will make some more bracelets and necklaces today. But before I begin to do anything, I will dash out of my flat to go send the parcels to my customers first. That’s my priority. Then I will spend half day working on my film script and another half day making jewelry. I might even record a video. I have lots of self tape auditions I have to make as well. So, even though I am not on set, I am still busy in the background multi-tasking. I like being busy anyway. If I have nothing to do, I will find something to do. I have not watched TV for ages. It just stands there on top of my chest of drawers collecting dust. I feel, I have achieved more when I don’t watch TV. So, it’s all good.

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