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I have spent time redesigning my website, which I better like the new design. I want my site to show more of the visuals which communicate the film industry. So I think, the new look of my site suits my career more than the previous one. I also add a new showreel page with all my YouTube videos/reels, to make it easier for people to view and subscribe right on my site. It looks simple. But, it’s not that easy doing all these. It requires patience and time. I needed to have all of these in place. I wanted my website to look professional with all the info & experiences available for potential agents, casting directors, or anybody who would like to collaborate with me on film projects and the like. So, my website is the right place to view my resume, reels, headshots, photos, and my latest news. I do have some IT knowledge. So, it does come in handy whenever I need it.

The truth is, I, initially, took a computer class in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I wanted to learn basic website design, or just how to use computer in general. For this reason, I registered my domain name,, in Denmark in 2002, so that I could use my own website under my own domain name to practise my computer skills and website design. Then while I was using computer to practise I, somehow, got to learn how to edit videos/films at some point which I found it quite fascinating. As a result of that I decided to become a filmmaker. I then enrolled in film making course in 2004 at Copenhagen Technical College, to study film & communication (film & tv production). But then, after 3-4 months there, I fell in love with acting as well. So, I quit the college to start pursuing my dream as an actress instead.

That’s how one thing leads to another. It’s amazing how the whole thing began. It wasn’t exactly how I started. But here I am, working my way to become an actress, screenwriter, and filmmaker.

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