Diverse Casts


I have created a video with me playing diverse casts. As an actor, I should be able to perform various characters. So, I have to try to play how it will turn out. I will make more videos with varied roles in the future. So, this one was just a test. It’s also a good way to find out which character suits me best. I woke up with great energy today because I am going to try to complete my film as much as I can today. I so look forward to finishing it as soon as I possibly can. The end result is waiting for me on the other end. I have just to find my way to get there FAST. Making and acting in films is fun. I just love it! I might make another video already today. What’s going to be I don’t know yet. I just feel in the mood to do so. I feel so active and productive in the morning. I feel, I can accomplish anything in the morning. That’s why I love standing up early. It’s the time when my enthusiasm is at its peak. So, I have to utilize it as quickly as I can before it begins to fade as the day goes by.

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