I Love my Job

One of the reasons why I love my job, acting, is that I get to travel and experience new, exciting places I have never seen or been before. Each time is a thrilling adventure. Always somewhere, going to places – sometimes beautiful, sometimes unusual, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, and so on. But that’s what keeps me alive. I can’t imagine myself working 9-5 in an office Monday-Friday every single week.

I have no filming tomorrow, which is good. I need a day off to work on my own film as well. I also need to make new jewelry. I think, I need to hurry a little with the film making. I want to create my own stuff very soon. And I can’t wait to experience the moment of truth, the moment when I have just made my own short / featured film. It will test my ability and skills as a filmmaker and actress since I’m also going to play in my own film. The thought of how happy I would be, to have created something of my own at long last makes me want to complete my own film as soon as possible! That would be my ultimate motivation. So, the sooner I finish it, the better. Then I don’t have to wait forever to be pound of myself that I can, actually, make movies, too. I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and go crazy with my film making project.

I try to blog as often as I can. But, feel free to follow my instastory as well, to stay up-to-date with my latest news and story. Good night!

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