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I have not made a vlog for a very long time. Today on my way home from filming, I was at this train station to catch a train home, and it looked so out of this world at night, so I had to film it. I had never seen how it looks at night before. I might, but I just didn’t notice it. I was always in a hurry to go home right after we’re wrapped. So, I didn’t really care about anything. All I think of is HOME and my WARM BED. I just wanted to get home as soon as possible. Today, I don’t know why I felt like taking pictures and filming this train station. I just saw it right before my eyes the way I had never seen it before. So I thought to myself, why not?

When I got home, I packed right away for filming tomorrow on another production and location. I have early call time tomorrow. So, I just wanted to get it out of the way. Then I don’t have to worry about anything. Just get up, grab my bag with outfits and go!

I did not finish watching the film yesterday anyway. I was too tired to concentrate on the film. But today, we finished quite early again. And my call time was rather late. I felt like I was on set only for a few hours. Everything went so fast. So, I went to bed early yesterday, woke up early this morning, and got home early. Then I think, I can manage to finish watching the film I started a few days ago this evening. Now that I have got enough rest.

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