Jewelry Making

I decided not to go nowhere today, so that I could only focus on my film script writing. But then, I had got some orders coming in last night. So, I have to go out and send jewelry to customers first, then come back and continue to work on my screenplay. I sell more rings than any other jewellery. Maybe, I should only sell rings instead 🙂 All of the rings I had had were sold out. I have no more rings left to sell. I only have one style of ring left and only 1 set of it left. I have not ordered more bohemian rings since because I am focusing on making bracelets instead at the moment. Below is the ring set that I sell the most and now only have 1 set left:

Well, maybe I should order some more boho rings then. I don’t make rings myself. I make chokers, necklaces, and bracelets. The latter is something I just begin to introduce to people. So, it takes some time before people know that I also sell bracelets. I enjoy making them. I feel so excited having to wake up every morning to start making jewelry, wearing them, taking pictures, and posting them on my online store, Bohoforest. I feel even more delighted when someone orders it. Then I have to personally pack and send it to each customer all over the world. Now I will get ready to go out and send the jewels. The sooner I send to them the better. I don’t like waiting to send the orders. I want them to reach my customers asap. I put myself in their shoes: If I ordered something online I would, of course, enthusiastically wait for it to be delivered as soon as possible! I know the joy of opening your mailbox and a package of gift is waiting for you in there. How wonderful is that?

Below are the bracelets that I have just finished making them very recently and added them onto my online store, Bohoforest:

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