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I have time to relax before I get really busy again with filming. So tomorrow, I will do nothing but working on my screenplay for the short film. I expect it to finish by the end of next month. Even it seems faraway from now. But, I can’t just relax and think that I have plenty of time to complete. Because, before I can even blink, the end of next month may come tomorrow already. And I have not finished my film, yet. So, the sooner I finalize it the better. I will not make jewelry tomorrow. I will only work on my film and see how much I can get it done. I was used to reading books and watching films at night, but not so much anymore. I prefer standing up early and working on my screenplay instead. I think, it’s because I am used to getting up early for filming. Then when I’m finished filming, come home, then go to bed almost right away, tired from waking up early, and exhausting from running around the film set, being with lots of people, and so on. So my body has re-programmed its rhythm that way – stand up (very) early and go to bed (very) early. So, even the days that I don’t do filming, like today, I feel tired already. But going to bed early is a good thing. The body can really relax. I like going to bed early anyway, so. But, I also feel tempted tonight, to go make myself a cup of coffee and start working on my script now. I might do it. And if I feel tired I can just stop doing what I’m doing and sleep.

The short film that really inspires me was Saw short film written by Leigh Whannell and James Wan. Leigh Whannell himself is not a very successful actor. But, he’s a good writer, I think. You can’t be successful both. Well, maybe except Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) and Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) who are successful actors and screenwriters. I hope, I can be both like them 🙂

SaW Original Short Film By James Wan:

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