My boxing video is ready! It’s not a perfect clip, though. I had to put my cellphone on the window ledge to record it since there’s no one to film it for me, everybody was fighting. I attended martial arts classes yesterday, which I do once a week for 4.5 hours straight. I started at 17:00 and finished at 21:30. I do learn a lot of things in 4.5 hours martial arts lessons, which aim specifically for actors, to perform fighting scenes or create fight sequences in various styles – both medieval (Game of Thrones) and modern day action movies (John Wick), for instance. Below is the video I filmed from the boxing class yesterday. Then after this class, we learned armed and unarmed fighting techniques, such as guns/machine guns, swords. Don’t worry, they’re not real ­čśŤ

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September 18, 2017

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