Game of Thrones Style Fighting Scene

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I have just made a fighting scene video which they use in Game of Thrones. I just learned it last week. I forgot to record it while I was doing the scenes at the class, which many other students did film it to use as their showreels. I don’t know why I forgot. Now, I have to do it alone, no one to fight with, to make it look real. Never mind, I will remember to film it during the class next time. I am glad I attended the classes. It’s my second week. I learned new skills which would be useful for my acting career, and plus I get to exercise to be in great shape. It couldn’t get any better. Watch the video below and tell me what do you think?

By the way, I have decided not to do the horror film anyway. I want to do action film genre instead. I have now trained myself in stage & screen combat. So, it would be a waste of time, to not using my fighting skills in my own films. If I did the horror film I didn’t think I would continue to do it. It would be a one time screenplay and one time short film only, and that’s it. So, I must choose one genre to strict to. A genre that I will be writing several scripts for and making various films out of it. So, people know me and what genre I am good at. If I started with a horror genre then decided to do action film right after, it would confuse people so much. Then it wouldn’t be good for me either. So, I have to change the genre now before it’s too late. I think that makes a lot of sense.
viking fighting scene

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