10 Awkward Questions Actors Hate

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It’s so funny, sometimes, telling people that I am an actor. Oftentimes, I have to tell them twice when get asked because people don’t really expect that. They think, I tell them some kind of job that starts with AC……. And then they think, they must have missed the rest of the alphabets themselves. So, they’re not sure about they’ve heard it right. So they ask again. And I think, I’m not alone. Many actors must have been through the same thing. Unless, you’re a celeb, already rich & famous, have won at least an Oscar, and similar, so everybody or most people already know who you are. So, these are 10 Awkward questions I get asked all the time when I tell people I am an actress/actor:

  1. What’s that?
  2. I didn’t catch that?
  3. You say, you are an ac……?
  4. I don’t understand. What was that again you said you do?
  5. Oh, you ARE an actor!
  6. What have you been in? Have I seen you in anything?
  7. How much did you get paid for being in that movie?
  8. Have you met Brad Pitt?
  9. Are you a real actor or extra?
  10. Do you have other JOB?

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