My Short Film Project Starts NOW!

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I planned to work on my short film bit by bit by completing a small task a day. But, I got a bit carried away when starting to write and do some research this morning. So, I ended up finishing the plot, synopsis, a list of characters, filming locations, film crew, etc. And I might not need film crew anyway since I am certain that I will shoot the film, direct, and edit the film myself using my mobile phone. So, I don’t really need film crew anyway. I will still need actors, though. But, it won’t be that many. I will play the lead actress myself. Then, I will need 2 actors (male Caucasian late 20s), 2 female supporting artistes (1 Caucasian and 1 in any ethnicity, any accent, age 25+) with a few lines, and 1 hair & makeup artist. And that’s it. It is an unpaid job since it is a low-budget short film, which will be shot in one day only. So, it won’ take much of your time anyway. Everybody involves in the film will get a credit on IMDb and a copy of the film for their showreel, and plus exposure on various film festivals around the globe. An opportunity not to be missed. It’s a serious project that will benefit everyone involves in it more or less. So, I am really excited to get it going asap! So, if you’re an aspiring actor and actress and would like to be a part of something meaningful which could, possibly, also further your acting career, please send in your headshot, resume, and reel if you have one to You can also connect with me on Linkedin I will keep you updated on my short film project until it is completed.

Then tomorrow, I will start writing the script for my short film. Once it’s done, I will, seriously, start looking for actors. For now, if you’re interested in being a part of this exciting project you can start sending in your headshot and resume now anyway.

I look forward to collaborating with you soon!



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