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Today, I will work on the second steps of my short film. I will make a list of what I need to make this film, for example, actors, film crew, equipment, locations, where to submit my film, and so on. I need to write everything down, to really see what I actually need to complete this film. When I know exactly what I need to shoot my film, then it’s easier to go find it. And know, what it takes to make your own film. Am I able to do it or not? I like writing everything down. I don’t like keeping it in my head. Because, I don’t want things to get tangled up in my head which will make it even more difficult for me to try to figure out, where and how to begin? I will take things step by step. I have found out, when I try to finish thing as fast as I can, I tend to slow it down even more. But, if I build thing up bit by bit, dispart a project into smaller tasks, then try to complete one mini task at a time, I tend to accomplish it more, and thereby move towards my goal more quickly. So today, it’s all about planning and planning. And there’s no rush!


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