Oatmeal For Breakfast

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I like simple but healthy breakfast. And one of my easy, healthy early meals is oatmeal. It’s easy, yummy, and healthy. I like it cold or warm. Today, I make it in a warm version, add butter and cinnamon, then my delicious oatmeal is ready in no time at all. Having a good, decent breakfast is vital, so that I can kick-start my day with lots of energy. Today, I will write the script for my short film. I have the story in my head. Now, I will just have to transfer it into paper. I’m also still working on my screenplay for my feature film. So, I am working on both projects at the same time. Tomorrow, I have to be onset. So, I must try to get things done as much as I can today. After I have finished the script for my short film, I will start packing for filming tomorrow. I like preparing in advance, the day before the shoot. I don’t like waking up in the morning and hurrying myself up to pack, looking the filming location up on a map, getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. Then, I might be late. And I don’t like that to happen. But sometimes it does happen. So, the best thing to do is to try to avoid it as much as I can. Then, when everything is prepared I can calm down and look forward to being onset, to doing my job the best I can.

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