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I will write the script of my short film today. Then next week, I will start looking for actors and film crew. I will play the lead role myself. I’m still working on my screenplay for my first feature film as well. But that will take longer to finish. So, I will start with a short film first, to see how easy or difficult it is to make a film. Watch my video above to see me act in different characters. I filmed it with a mobile phone using a tripod. And in my next proper short film with more actors and film crew, I might use a smartphone to film again, or, a real camera. I’ll see, what’s possible. After this blog, I will begin to write the script for my short film. Then after that, I will continue to work with my screenplay. I have finished the outline, the draft, and the first 4-5 pages. But, I don’t like the beginning. So, I will have to rewrite again. Film script is only about 70-120 pages long. It depends on the genre. It seems easy, only 70-120 pages that I have to write. But, it’s not anyway. If I want my film to be interesting to watch, I must make the story more compelling to the audiences. Well, the story can be good and powerful. But, if the person who directs the film doesn’t do a good job, the actors can’t act, and so on, the film can fail to impress the audiences. So the most important thing is, to find the right people to work with. The person who will direct the film will, pretty much, be me. I might also shoot the film myself using a cellphone or a real camera. But for now, I will concentrate on finishing the scripts first. Then I can focus on the next step.

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