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I’m into fashion. When I have time, I like going to Oxford Street to buy new fashion clothes. It’s a joy browsing the fashion shops looking for new, trendy clothing to add to my wardrobe. I like to dress myself fabulous, no matter how old I am. I like raw look, rock ‘n’ roll, bohemian, vintage, hippy, cowboy alike, and similar modes. And I feel amazing wearing the styles I like, which I find suit me best. And by wearing clothes that look good on me gives me more confidence. I dress to express myself, too. Fashion is a remarkable thing that can be made use of in so many creative ways. That’s why I love fashion.

Wearing my new dress, which I just bought not long ago.
I love floral print dresses. And the colors of all my clothes have to be in similar tones.
Me with curly hair.
My jackets.

I love mini dresses. I have loads of them in my wardrobe.

Me in casual style.

Rock ‘N’ Roll & Boho styles.

This photo’s just from last year.

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