NuPower Yoga class

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I just got back from NuPower Yoga class a couple of hours ago. It’s the toughest yoga I have ever done. It’s like yoga and workout. I’m surprised, I’m still alive after the class. It’s only 55 minutes. But, it felt like 2 hours. It’s really really good. I got to workout all my muscles, feel more strong and powerful. It maximizes my power and suppleness. I can bend. I can lift the dumbbells. I can jump. I can do pretty much lots of things that require strength and flexibility. It’s hard but fun. I have to keep going every week, to get used to it. Otherwise, it would be hard to do NuPower Yoga if I attended the class just once in a while. I got home, took a shower, and had my lunch. Now, I’m totally relaxed and watch some TV.

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NuPower Yoga

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