5 Things I Do To Stay Ambitious

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I have lots of creative tings to do, to keep myself going, being ambitious at all time. I know my big break is waiting for me in a not so far distance, hopefully. But in the meantime, what should I do to stay motivated and ambitious? Because, I could lose my aspiration and ambition anytime soon since the entertainment industry is very tough. It’s a nice & easy job, though – you meet up on time – have a cup of coffee – chat with others – do what the ADs or directors tell you to do, and so on, then go home again. BUT, it’s no bed of roses, with sometimes, or most of the time long hours, you don’t know when you will be booked for other roles and films again, nothing is certain in this film business. That’s why many people give up every day. And it’s very understandable. I have given up many times myself. So, I must find my way around it. And here are 5 things I do, to stay motivated, creative, and ambitious as much as I can:


  1. I Write: I’m working on my screenplay daily. Because, I want to become a screenwriter as well. I also blog almost every day. So, writing really helps me stay creative. New ideas also emerge here and there.

tripod for camera2. I Make My Own Short Films & Showreels: I make my own footages once in awhile or whenever I have time, partly because to use as a showcase of my work and acting skills to potential acting agents and casting directors, and partly because to create something of my own as a way to practise my film making skills.

Yin Yoga

3. I Learn Something New or New Skills: I attend yoga, dancing, Thai boxing, and martial arts classes weekly, or, whenever I have time to do so. I also go to short courses such as script writing, acting. It really serves me in so many levels. I get to learn new skills that could improve my writing and acting career, I get to exercise to keep my body fit, I meet like-minded people, I open myself to a new world, and so many more!


4. I Go Out: I like going to places or even taking weekend breaks in Europe. I like to study life and people, find new inspirations, experience something new, take a break from the whole thing or from the film industry, to clear my mind, see thing in a new perspective, and recharge my energy. It does help. The creative juices start flowing once I am gone. New ideas and input begin to show. I discover lots of things while I’m away. I love traveling anyway.

5. I Read: I love reading. I try to find time to read as much as I can. I feel so relaxed reading. It really opens up my imagination. It also makes me stay creative. I find new knowledge in reading as well. It is useful for me as a writer, too. I get to study others’ writing styles, how the stories are being put together, be inspired, and more.

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