Why My Acting Career Starts Taking Off Now After 13 Years

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13 Years ago, I was a struggling actress. And I’m not gonna lie, I still am today. But not as bad as I was before. But even though, I still struggle to make my dreams come true, I think, I am in a completely different place in my career than I was 13 years ago. During the past 13 years as an aspiring actress, I wasn’t that serious. I was also indecisive whether or not this is the career I really want to pursue? When you’re young, you have many doubts, dreams, goals, and more, which makes it difficult to stay true to yourself. I also gave up that easily when I was younger. Although, I was certain that acting career is what I want. But, the road to my goal wasn’t an easy one. So, I gave up, started again, gave up, started again. And it would continue like that forever. Until I am getting older, I have become more certain like never before that this is it. This is what I wanted to be, an actress. And I shall not give up – not until the mission is completed! So, earlier this year, I made up my mind that this is no going back, I must carry on till the end. No more hestitation and doubt. I must stick to the plan. Since then, I can see, my acting career had just begun to take off. As soon as I am determined to pursue my dreams to the end no matter what, things begin to change and improve. It’s all in my mind. It’s me who decides to succeed or fail. I must work harder and dream harder to move closer to my goals. I am the one who’s responsible for my success – no one else. If I fail, then no one else to blame but myself for not wanting it bad enough. That’s how I see it. And now, I feel much better and still having fun in the film/entertainment industry.

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