A Good Filming Day

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I was walking around like a zombie after the filming today. Because, I had only slept a few hours last night. Then had to stand up pretty early for very early call time this morning. Then only had to be on set for about half a day. But, it’s good anyway since I was so tired. So, for me, I didn’t really mind going home early. Then, I can get more sleep. I might, actually, go to bed right away after writing this blog. But, this wasn’t the first time that I have very early call time. When I did The Mummy (2017) my call time was 4am. And we finished the shoot around 4pm. So, that was 12 hours filming day, and plus very early call time. No one did get any sleep that day. And there were about 300-400 background artistes on set. So, this one is nothing. And I finished the shooting around 12:30 noon already. So, I have plenty of time to sleep, afterwards.

It’s been such an excellent experience shooting this film today. It’s the first time that I did a filming and nobody was allowed to have their mobile phone on set. It’s like, I have been in rehab for half a day – a treatment for cellphone dependence. I think, it’s a good idea. It makes people realize, how does it feel like living without technology? People began to talk to each other more, introducing themselves, making new friends, relaxing, being present not absent, and so forth. I don’t really like it having my phone locked up somewhere. But, I see their point. It benefits everyone in so many ways. And of course, it benefits the film productions the most. By doing so, they’re making sure of, no one can take pictures of the film set, actors, directors, and so on. It’s fair enough. So, all in all, it’s been an amazing experience doing this film today. It’s a huge film production I have ever been in. Well, I have done Transformers: The Last Knight before. But, this one even bigger.

And the people I met today, they were all nice and polite. Before we left, we shook hands saying to each other, “Nice to meeting you! Hope to work with you again soon.” And that’s the way it should be, I think. When working with lots of people, one of the most important things you want is, to work with nice, professional people. No one wants to meet horrible people, especially when you have to work together for a whole day.

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