Pole Dancing

I attended pole dancing class earlier today. I love it! It’s an another form of dance that requires lots of physical strength and also fun. Well, if you could do all the pole dance tricks excellently. I like dancing anyway. And this type of dance is rather challenging. Because, you use your arms a lot to hold a pole, climb up and down a pole, swing yourself around it, and so on. So, you need to have strong arms and grip strength. That’s what this dance use the most. Then, it is fun to do this type of dance. Again, it requires lots of training and as often as possible. And I can’t really practise it at home since I don’t have a pole at home. So, I must go to pole dancing once a week at least, to keep learning and training. All in all, I enjoy it. My body feels stronger and stronger. I feel so energized throughout the day. And I don’t feel hungry that often either. My body starts to be in good shape. Maybe, not so slim & slender as I want to. But, I could achieve it if I carried on exercising regularly and ate healthy food. Anyway, I feel great with my body already. So, weekly workouts really benefit me in so many levels.

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