Every Day is a New Adventure

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My adventure is very limited when I travel by train. And that’s why bus is my favorite public transport. When I get off the bus to transfer to another bus and another bus, I can just take a little break and walk around the area to study it and take pictures. When I’m ready to continue the journey, I can just hop on a bus again – hop-on hop-off, hop-on hop-off. I can’t really do that if I travel by train. If I have to get off the train to transfer to another train, I still have to remain in the train station, which usually underground, to wait for another train. If I want to go out and come back, I have to touch my oyster card in and out, walk up and down the escalators, which is not that convenient. And I could miss the next train. So, bus really gives me the freedom to do what I want to do – experience new adventure for a short while.

As a writer, I am always on the lookout for new stories and inspirations to write about . Therefore, sometimes, when I travel within London, I prefer taking a bus instead of train (it depends how far it is), so that I can explore the area and environment, take photos of the surroundings, places I have never been or seen before, the people living there and their lifestyle, experience something new, and so on. So, for me, every day is a new adventure. I see things I wouldn’t normally see if I used the same route every time. The destination may be the same. But there are many roads to it. I don’t have to stick to one certain path, to get to where I want to go. I gain new wisdom, see, and learn new things along the way. And that’s the fun part of it.

rock 'n' roll look

At Spitalfields Market London.

The view from Putney Bridge at night.


On my way to filming in Essex.

St. Paul’s Cathedral London.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge


Grab a cup of coffee near Tower Bridge.

Camden Market

On my way to filming in the middle of nowhere outside of London. I love the rural, peaceful life in the villages outside of London. And the houses out there are so cute and beautiful. I can imagine myself living in it.

London Eye

London Eye

St. James’s Palace

Cute, hidden house in Central London. I wish, I lived there.

By the pool.

I love funfair.

Newmarket horse race.


I’m not gay or lesbian. But I support diversity – Pride in London Parade 2017.

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