Take Control of Your Fear

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I just got home from the yoga class. I planned to attend two yoga lessons today. But then, I remembered, I also had to do some shopping after that. I had no food in my refrigerator. So, if I attended two workshops I would, perhaps, be too tired to walk around in the supermarket, afterwards. So today, just one yoga class should be enough. But, I feel totally amazing anyway after that for just one class. Now, I will dye my hair. Then, I will take a shower. My hair is black. But, it begins to fade because of the sun, the warm water from the bath, and so on. So, I need to dye it, to keep it pure black. I bought some fruits as well, such as banana, orange. I need to eat more healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables daily, so that I will have more energy to exercise, to keep my body fit. I feel so great when I remember to take good care of myself – mentally & physically. And the outcome is that my body & mind are in perfect harmony. And I feel, everything is possible. And that is a true happiness when you are able to let go, to set yourself free from all worries and fear, to take control of your life, to do what you love, and enjoy life to the fullest. That’s the meaning of life, in my opinion.

Buppha in yoga outfit

Just got home from the yoga class.


I try to eat lots of fruits & vegetables every day.

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