A Perfect Day to Write A Script

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Today the weather is quite dull. And the rain’s just pouring down not long ago. It makes a perfect day to write a script. I will work on my screenplay a little bit more today. I really look forward to finishing it. I feel like, it’s taking too long now. I want to complete it as soon as possible. So, I have to hurry up. It begins to shape, though. I have already drafted the outline, the plot, the characters, and the film locations are just in London. So now, I just try to finalize the rest. It’s going to be a feature film. I will likely make & shoot the film myself since I know exactly what I want. I know the story in and out because I am the one who writes it. So, I guess, I am the right person to produce the film. I will, probably, shoot a short film before that, to warm up before the big project. My first feature film is gonna be as easy as possible, to make it easier for me to get started. And that’s why, I have to finish my screenplay as soon as possible. So, I can start filming my first movie ever! Thinking about the end result, and how happy it will make me, it really motivates me to reach my goal faster. I have know idea how I would feel when I, actually, there where I wanted to be, becoming a working actress, screenwriter, and a real filmmaker. But, one thing for certain that I am very positive about it, about my future. I think, it would be an indescribable feeling. 


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