The Unhappy Relationship Showreel

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I have just finished creating my second showreel, The Unhappy Relationship. This time, I played the one whose boyfriend left her. I want to play as many different characters as possible. At first, I wanted to wait to make my second footage, until I have mastered the American accent. But then I thought, if I waited and waited it could take longer and longer for me to, actually, create the showreel. So, I just did it right away today about a couple of hours ago. I had to make a couple of self-taped auditions anyway. So, since I already started making the videos, I could also make my second showreel as well. Why not? And why wait? Why not now? That’s what I thought. So, here it is my second showreel. Hope you like it.

The inspiration for this video was that so many modern day women, actually, work too much. Things have turned around. It’s used to being the men who worked too much and didn’t have time for their families. The women always took care of the kids and home and waited for their men to come home. But today, women work as much as men, or even more than men. And many even choose to stay single, to have all that freedom they want or need. So now, men are the ones who, sometimes, have to wait for their women to come home. And they have the freedom to leave anytime. Before time, women couldn’t just leave. They had to stay – no matter what. So, I thought, what if thing turned the other way around how would men take it?

I will still practise the American accent, though. Every day, I have to practise ready for my third showreel. And tomorrow, if I have nothing to do – except that I might go to yoga classes again, but that would be late in the afternoon – I will start working on my screenplay again as soon as I get up. So, making the videos and footages in the meantime would help build my confidence and experience in shooting my own film, once my screenplay is complete, of course. So, I do benefit a lot making my own showreels. I get to play different characters, to see which one suits me best. I have the chance to act in front of camera without waiting for someone to invite me to audition, and watch my own mistakes again and again, so that I can improve it. I get to learn how to shoot the films using a smartphone. So to speak, I learn a lot in acting and film making along the way. And I love every moment. It’s a challenge that I enjoy to the fullest. This is how it feels like when you love what you do.

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