My Screenplay Begins to Form

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I haven’t blogged for a while, busy filming and working on my screenplay. It seems like, I will be working on my film script all night again today. I worked on my screenplay all night 2 days ago. And it’s likely that it will be the same today. Because, it starts to shape form. So, I can’t wait to finish, to see the end result as soon as possible. It can also be quite challenging, to do many things at once. Because, I am very busy right now with the filming. Then I also want to start a cosmetic business. And I also work on my own screenplay. All at once. And that’s why, many actors who also want to become a screenwriter have their unfinished manuscripts under their beds or somewhere. That’s for sure. Because, if you’re busy filming constantly, you can’t work on your screenplays or book as fast as you want to. There will always be lots of interruptions since you also have to work as an actor. So, you can only work on your side project when you have free time from filming – from your main job as an actor. So, whenever I don’t do filming, I work on my screenplay. I also have to attend dancing and acting classes and do some practices at home, make some self-taping auditions, memorize the scripts for the actual auditions, and so on. But most importantly, I also have to relax when I, finally, have a day off from filming. Otherwise, I will collapse. So I think, when I have, eventually, completed my screenplay I will be over the moon. It’s like, I have achieved my life-long goal, at long last. Let’s see, how far I can get it done today.

Taking a step closer to my goal.

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