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I went to see the Hampstead film this afternoon. It’s the first time that I watched a movie I was in. I watched this film because I was a featured supporting artiste in it. So, I had to watch and see how it’s like. It’s good to see how I acted in front of camera, for my own study and improvement as an actress. In this film, I wasn’t just a background artiste as I was used to, but a featured background artiste. So, it’s the first time that I actually see more of myself in the film – not just being seen swiftly or blurry somewhere in the background like in many other films. In this film, I had to play a snob/posh lady sitting in a posh cafe in Hampstead Heath. Then when the main actor, Brendan Gleeson, walked past me I had to look at him with open disdain because, he’s a homeless man. Just that scene took me so many times to get it right. So, we had to retake and retake. Well, I didn’t prepare to be a featured extra, though. I thought, I was just going to be in the background somewhere as usual 🙂 So now, I will have to be ready anytime. In case, I’ll be upgraded to a featured background artiste when I’m actually on set. I must admit, I was unprepared at that time. So from now on, I will watch the movies I am in as many as I can, to study myself how I act in the film and in front of camera, so that I can better improve myself. Next, I am going to watch “Transformers: The Last Knight” which I played a scientist.

Here’s the trailer of the Hampstead movie. If you watch the whole film, you will see me more often and clearly later on. You can see me briefly in the trailer below in the coffee shop scene in Hampstead Heath:

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