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I will start selling Handmade Cosmetics soon, instead of jewellery. I love jewelry, though. But, it’s such a time consuming work, adding every piece of jewels to the website. I will still sell the rest of the jewellery online on other channels and off-line, until I have nothing left. 

The first cosmetic I will be making and selling is bath bomb. It’s easier with beauty products, I think. You have the product, you add it once on the website, and it will stay there for as long as you want it to. You don’t need to change styles often. You don’t need to have a huge range of items to sell. But jewellery or fashion clothes, you need to have a variety of choices for people to choose from. And I don’t have time for creating and adding lots and lots of jewels on the website. So, I must stop as soon as I can. 

I love handmade cosmetics and nature. I actually make them for my own use. I make face oil, body oil, shower oil, shampoo & balsam, and even scented candles for myself. And I do use them daily. So I thought, since I am happy with my own Cosmetics because they work why not make & sell it, too? So, it’s time to give it a go. I will start small first with one cosmetic product at a time. And that will be a bath bomb. 

I will start ordering some ingredients to try to make some samples first. Then when I’m happy with it I will start making & selling it. 

It will be handmade cosmetics inspired by nature. Yes, my skincare products will be, mostly, made from natural ingredients. I love nature so much. And I want my love for nature to reflect in my products. And cosmetics that made of natural resources are good for your skin. I have been using my own handmade natural beauty products for 3-4 years now. And I can see my skin is getting improved, looking younger and healthier. So now I feel more confident to make & sell them as well. So people can benefit from the natural skincare products that I have enjoyed using and have given me younger looking skin over the years.

Bath bomb

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