Improving My Acting Skills

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I went to acting class again yesterday. It went well. I did learn something new again that I have never known before. So I think, I have actually learned something that will improve my acting skills, and thereby will be useful for my acting career. The tutor’s excellent. Of course, she’s been to full time drama school and an actress herself. The class is approaching to an end. So I might consider continuing with the acting class. But, I am not sure yet about it would be the same school or a different school? I like to try new things, new places, new experiences, etc. So even though, I like this acting school, but it would be nice to try something different, new patterns, techniques, strategies, new routes, and so on. As an aspiring actress, I always look for ways to maximise my knowledge in acting and film/entertainment industry in general. I enjoy learning new skills anyway. Therefore, I also love going to dancing, singing (but singing, I gave up long time ago since I don’t think I have any talent in singing), martial arts, etc. I have not been to dancing class for a while which I miss it. Too busy to find time for it. But attending acting class is my top priority. So, I can always find time for it, no matter how busy I am. I have 13 years of experience working in film & tv, and now I have also taken an acting class, so I think I know a thing or two about acting in front of camera. So I’ll dare to make a showreel again soon when I have time for it. I have finished the script for my own footage not long ago. I will just have to find time to begin to shoot. It won’t be long.

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